Ambulatory services are for those that require the use of a walker, crutches, or require extra time. We can assist you getting in and out of the car.

*additional charges may apply


Transportation services are available to individuals who require the use of a wheelchair, or motorized scooter. Our vehicles can accommodate up to two wheelchairs, or one power device not exceeding 34" width. 

*additional charges may apply

Discharge Home

This service is provided to individuals who require a trip home following hospitalization, nursing home, or rehab stay. 

*additional charges may apply

Long Distance/Relocation

This trip is for those needing to travel or move outside of the Williamson County area. This includes trips to cities like Lubbock, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, El Paso, etc. Need to relocate Mom/Dad? This is for you!

*additional charges may apply

Other Services, Discounts, and Additional Charges

Other Services:

Discounts available for multiple bookings (chemo, dialysis, radiation)

*Additional Fees May Apply

Prices are subject to change